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Born into a family of builders, Steve Mushero focuses on building technology, products, and companies across a wide range of industries and technologies.  He has an exceptionally broad and deep background in both technology and business and is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and senior executive in numerous startup companies. 

Steve's specialty is understanding and designing complex systems based on any technology, in nearly any business.  He is especially keen on bridging the gaps between and within diverse technical disciplines and the business worlds of sales, marketing, and finance. 

Steve's roles vary widely, such that in a typical week, he may review public health mapping systems, manage an engineering team, evaluate CRM systems for an French perfume business, advise the CTO of a startup, design a telecommunications subsystem, review health-care system architecture, coordinate the specifications for a financial system being built in India, write protein visualization code, edit a business plan, work on his books, and finally, tweak an ice cream manufacturing line. See Projects and Employment for more information.  In addition, Steve's work in three key projects are highlighted at Interimind, AMS, and Albany International.

Steve holds a number of existing patents on automated data delivery, with others pending in diverse areas such as textiles, lighting control, and marine propulsion. See Patents for more information.

Steve's education includes an Electrical Engineering undergrad and an international MBA focused on technology management, which was done both in the US and Japan.  See Education for more information.

Steve is an enthusiastic supporter of other entrepreneurs and a wide  variety of philanthropic endeavors, especially those focused on women's entrepreneurship, girls' education, developing economies, and underserved communities.  See Philanthropy for more information. 

An avid globalist, Steve attended graduate school in Japan and travels extensively; visiting over 25 countries so far.  He speaks Japanese and beginning Chinese, with Arabic to follow in the coming years. See Globalist for more information.

Steve is also an avid pilot, sailor, diver, motorcyclist, snow and water skier.  He flies helicopters for fun and amusement.  See Hobbies for more information.


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"Steve provided by far the best requirements that we've ever received from a client... our COO and software team passes along their thanks"

- Engineering Team Manager