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Steve's education has continually centered on his interest in the global convergence of business and technology.  In fact, his consulting company, founded and trademarked over a dozen years ago, is named GLOBALTECH.

His undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering with a manufacturing concentration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.  His year-long senior project included running a manufacturing team of twenty-five to build an entire line to fabricate and assemble kitchen spatulas from raw steel and plastic feedstock, involving robots, automated tools, and a variety of sophisticated systems.

Steve's MBA is also from RPI and included exchange semesters in Japan, at the only school offering graduate management courses at the time in Japan - the International University of Japan in rural Niigata prefecture. His went to Japan to follow his interests in global trade, in learning Japanese, and taking an opportunity to study the world leader in lean manufacturing at the time.

Steve's employment during his undergraduate studies included co-op positions totaling over a year in two different factories, making military electronics and auto parts.  For the former, Steve was involved in an Air Force research project called ManTech in the mid 1980's to vastly increase the ability to produce sophisticated electronics for military use.  Steve's role included designing and building sophisticated automated soldering systems, along with building plating data management systems.

The second co-op involved designing control systems for heavy machinery in a textile plant making trunk liners for General Motors.  Steve designed a production line management system and worked on commissioning a variety of new equipment.  


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"Steve provided by far the best requirements that we've ever received from a client... our COO and software team passes along their thanks"

- Engineering Team Manager