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Steve has been involved in a number of interesting projects:

Global IT Review & CIO Office - Performed a global IT systems and operations audit for a $1 billion global manufacturer, including review of 18 facilities in Europe, China, the U.S., and Latin America. Created a re-structuring plan, with significant staffing, systems, and operational adjustments across dozens of facilities and divisions in 30+ countries.

Technology & Architecture Audit - Health Systems Provider - Performed in-depth architecture audit of a popular Internet-based communication and medical care system for doctors and patients. Reviewed numerous generations of subsystems and technologies, partner and insurance interfaces, web systems, message queues, security, off-shore development, and million-patient scaling challenges. Also reviewed product needs, design patterns, future roadmaps, database design, and detailed technical issues.

Interim CTO & Architect - Beyond Access Communications -  Principle architect and designer for a large-scale messaging system integrating voice, email, IM, and paging into a unified bi-directional enterprise system. Technologies include Java, JMS, IVR, and various adapter frameworks to allow any system to communicate with anyone via any synchronous or asynchronous channel. BioTech Software - Wrote a multi-faceted 3-D protein molecular viewing and analysis system. Also ported the NCBI BLAST DNA/Genetic sequence search server from Unix to Microsoft Windows.

Real-time Server Optimizer - Trevalon - VP Engineering for an application- and web-server optimization system. Technologies include C++ and a variety of sophisticated scheduling, kernel, and communications algorithms, many of which were based on recent Ph.D. theses regarding TCP/IP optimization, large-scale simulation, and queuing theory.

Enterprise Desktop Data Mining / Sharing System - Kalepa Networks - Chief architect for distributed enterprise data access, subscription, and distribution system. Included discovery, publish, and subscribe for common desktop data and applications, in addition to corporate databases, with full security and enterprise deployability.

Interim CTO - AirReview - Architected and designed a web retail tracking and opinion system for consumer sites.  Highly scalable system based on J2EE, Oracle, and JBoss.

Employment - Steve's employment history includes:

  • Radiant Interactive - Senior Technologist

  • Advanced Management Systems - CTO

  • Intermind - CTO

  • Albany International  - Senior manufacturing engineer.

  • Gates Formed Fiber - Summer manufacturing engineer.

  • General Electric - Co-op manufacturing engineer.



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"Steve provided by far the best requirements that we've ever received from a client... our COO and software team passes along their thanks"

- Engineering Team Manager