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Developing Software - The Process
Good software development follows a tried and true path to success.  While every situation differs in a few ways, following the general pattern will minimize risk and promote good planning, design, and execution. 

The ideal process is outlined below.  Click on the appropriate link for specifics about a particular step.

Requirements - The key first step, to understand what you are doing and why (plus what you are NOT doing and why).

Functional Specification - How the product does what you have determined you need.

Formal  Design Process - How, from a technical perspective, does the product work.

Prototyping - Creating technical or user interface prototypes to work on the design or specifications.

Development - The actual coding of the product occurs in the development phase.  Lots of sub-tasks are covered in this section.

QA - The test and QA process.

Support - Supporting a software product.

Maintenance - Making changes to existing products.

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