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Developing Software -> Development Phase (Writing the Code)

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This is the most exciting part, where we actually build something.  Many people think this is where the majority of the time gets spent, which is true for poorly run development processes.  Well run shops spend 20-30% of their time coding, no more; most time is spent in design, discussion and writing tests, as these are the places to work out issues.  Actually coding something that is fully designed is usually a fairly simple and rapid process.

Coding Standards - It's vital that developers agree on how the code will be structured, documented, and how key elements are managed, such as error handling and memory management.

Version Control Systems - Critical to any reasonable project, it's important to choose and use a good version system.

Daily Build & Test - A critical part of building high quality software, the daily build and test identifies problems right away.

Scheduling, estimates, meetings

Actually Building Modules - Contrary to popular belief, this is more than just sitting down and coding away.  In fact, coding is likely to only comprise about 25-33% of a developer's time.  The rest of these steps will ensure that things are coded only once and in the most efficient manner possible.


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