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Steve has written extensively on a wide variety of startup and technology issues. This area showcases some of that ongoing work. 

Technology Related Writing:

  • Developing High Quality Software - A set of guidelines for this critical component of every technology company.

  • Database Design Practices (Coming Soon)

  • Design Practices (Coming Soon) - Good practices in designing any product.

  • Industrial Automation Design - Steve's design standards for industrial equipment (from memory). 

Business Related Writing:

  • Upcoming Technologies (Coming Soon) - What technologies are interesting and why.  Conversely, which are not interesting.
  • Sample Executive Summary (Word Doc, 45KB)
    An example from the ACME company, solving the ACNE problem. This is a good outline of what people like to see in an executive summary.
  • Financial Projections (Excel file, 203KB)
    A sample spreadsheet to use in planning (Use Save As to get the file). Outlines the things you should think about, bottom up revenue analysis, typical costs of starting up, etc.
Steve has also given a few presentations on various Issues:
  • "Internet Entrepreneurship - The Startup Company" - "Your Business Plan"
    UC Santa Cruz
    Presentation here (MS PowerPoint, 75KB)

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"Steve provided by far the best requirements that we've ever received from a client... our COO and software team passes along their thanks"

- Engineering Team Manager